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Click on the image to view bronze and clay sculptures

Bronze and Clay Sculpture

Working from the model or my imagination I try to create an intimacy that invites the viewer into the private world of each piece. The endless variations of human form never cease to fascinate and engage me. I’m not interested in producing a mechanical duplication of the body, but rather in allowing the feeling of inspiration I derive from my subject to express itself through my hands and to capture the energy and movement that emanates from the subject.

Click on the image to view The Dance Company

The Dance Company in Bronze and Bonded Bronze

In this series I have worked to create the elegance and beauty of the dancer's world. This is a very exciting series to create because of its intimate scale. The illusion of movement is what I strive for to capture the life and beauty of the moment.

Click on the image to view cast paper sculptures


Cast Paper Sculpture and Collage

This series of work combines three dimensional and 2-dimensional surfaces, creating a special interaction and tension between these two elements. The three dimensional aspects are usually very realistic, created first in clay or wax, and then cast in paper. The image shown to the right is from my Jazz Portrait Series. In this series I have tried to express the excitement and spatial qualities I feel from the music and to honor legends of American Jazz.

The Ulster County Series includes my love of interiors as well as landscapes. also included are a few cast paper children.